Custom seat cushions

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Custom seat cushions suitable for interior and exterior made of upcycled materials. They are made with durable fabric which means that they are also suitable for the outdoors. We will sew them custom-made for you. You can choose from our upcycled materials or new ones, exactly according to your needs. This product is only partially upcycled, but by buying it you will support the employees of our social enterprise.

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Vyberte si z poťahov nižšie alebo nám pošlite ten svoj vlastný. Radi vám poradíme pri kombinovaní materiálov a vypracujeme cenovú ponuku. Upozorňujeme, že exteriérové poťahy sú nové a nejde o upcyklovaný materiál.Choose from the covers below or send us your own. We will be happy to advise you on the combination of materials and prepare a price offer for you.
  • Interiér
  • Exteriér
  • Vlastná látka
Monta Grey
Cleo Taupe
Vito Grey
Vito Lava
Leopard Antracite
Karese Ochre
Karese Olive
Karese Antracite
Lady Light Grey
Lady grey
Toba Antracite
Toba Dark Blue
Savanah Green
Savanah Sky Blue
Microleather Corsica Cognac
Multifor Antracite
Multifor Light Grey
Multifor Grey Green
Secilia Antracite
Secilia Brown
Secilia Cogac
Cleo Blue
Cleo Green
Cleo Light Green
Lady Ochre
Monta Antracite
Monta Dark Blue
Monta Ice Grey
Monta Ochre
Monta Yellow
Multifor Grey Blue
Multifor Ochre
Multifor Onyx
Ponti Ice Grey
Savanah Charcoal
Toba Beige
Toba Ice Grey
Toba Light Grey
Vito Ochre
cancun 01-21
cancun 06-02
cancun 09-23
cancun 20-19
cancun 35-16
cancun 44-67
cancun 51-59
cancun 54-06
cancun 59
capri 01
capri 02
capri 03
capri 04
capri 05
capri 06
capri 07
capri 08
capri 09
capri 10
capri 11
capri 12
corsica 02
corsica 34
corsica 36
corsica 38
corsica 39
corsica 44
corsica 57
corsica 69
satt sg 01 cream
satt sg 02 beige
satt sg 05 brown
satt sg 07 mustard
satt sg 16 orange
satt sg 19 rose
satt sg 25 taupe
satt sg 31 apple
satt sg 36 tyrkys
satt sg 45 violet
satt sg 52 grey
satt sg 54 anthrazite
satt sg 55 dk grey
satt sg 57 nut
sorrento 00
sorrento 01
sorrento 03
sorrento 04
sorrento 07
sorrento 09
sorrento 10
sorrento 17
sorrento 18
sorrento 20
sorrento 21
sorrento 22
sorrento 24
sorrento 25
sorrento 26
sorrento 27
sorrento 30
sorrento 33
sorrento 38
sorrento 40
sorrento 44
sorrento 47
sorrento 54
sorrento 55
sorrento 56
sorrento 59
sorrento 62
sorrento 64
sorrento 67
sorrento 78
techno 001 black
techno 007 white
techno 020 off white
techno 025 light grey
techno 026 grey
techno 027 dark grey
techno 032 aqua
techno 033 royal blue
techno 035 navy blue
techno 105 taupe
Techno 106 anthracite
Vlastná látka

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