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About Us

Our story began long before the Upcycle brand was created. It was in 1991 when František Krošlák founded a company dedicated to metal processing, which later in 1994 expanded its activities to the production of upholstered furniture. Krošlák has gone through several difficult trials during its existence, which have only strengthened the company, and so it is still standing firmly on the ground. In the past, it specialized in the production of sofas, especially for the foreign markes, but later established its product brand for the Slovak market. Years of experience, modernization, self-education could not have resulted in anything other than the understanding of the current need to minimize waste and set the circular economy in motion. The Krošlák company did not want to just stand by and decided to act in its favor.

And so, the Upcycle project was created, which consists of a team of people full of ideas and hopes, giving new life to high-quality material that is left-over from the production of sofas and would normally end up in a landfill. We will be happy if you stay in touch with us and watch us develop. We will also be grateful for your feedback or purchase because when you prioritize recycled products over ordinary ones, you take small steps towards a more sustainable world.

Contact Us

Milena Candráková
production manager
+421 948 477 323


Thank you for your support,
The Upcycle Team